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Walk-In Environmental Room

EnviroSoft Systems Offers Leading Edge of Environmental Rooms and Refrigeration System Design with fully ADA Compliant and NSF Approved
Components. Our environmental rooms come in standard and custom design to serve scientific and industrial applications including:

  • Blood Bank
  • Plasma Storage
  • Freezer/Cold/Warm Room
  • Vaccine Storage
  • Wide Range Rooms
  • Burn-in Chamber
  • In-Floor Glycol Heating System Design

  • Heat Reclaim System

Key Features of our Environmental Rooms, Walk-in Coolers and Freezers:

-Wide-range walk-ins come with temperature stability ±0.2C° and ±5% humidity
-Walk-in cooler and freezer are equipped with LAN interface, remote access and remote monitorings.
-Trough extensive field experience, Envirosoft has developed Envirosmart controller fully programmable for temperature, humidity and CO2 or energy   saving light control per custom specifications.
-Our control comes with auto data logging with samplings rate of 10 min., up to 43,000 records, eliminating the need of a third party data loggin   setup.
-All walk-in coolers, freezers, and chambers come with intelligent auto defrost cycle control

Environmental Rooms

Refrigeration System

EnviroSoft Technology

Installation & Services

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Our Environmental Rooms Are:

  • Engineered For Peak Performance
  • Large Walk-in Rooms
  • Sliding Door Technology
  • External Beam Support
  • Energy Efficient (Federal & State Standards)
  • NSF Approved Componouts

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Our Environmental Rooms equipped with:

  • 1/2HP to 37HP Design
  • Hermetic and Semi-hermetic
  • Discus & Digital Scroll Compressors
  • Matching LP Evaporators
  • 95F & 110F Ambient Design

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Environmental Controlwear:

  • Plug-in Solid State Relays
  • Menu Based Programming
  • 4 Inch Thick Panel Enclosure
  • Pharmaceutical Application
  • Blood Banks
  • Plasma Storage

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Commissioning of environmental Rooms:

  • Turn-Key Solutions
  • Supervision Only
  • Installation Assistance
  • Third Party Coordination

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