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Modular Environmental Room Design

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EnviroSoft can engineer standard or custom design of environmental rooms and control system with state-of-the-art design for finished product. We offer fully programmable temperature and humidity control system for specific use in research and environmental industries.

Please visit "Control System" for more information on temperature and humidity controllers

In-Floor Glycol Reclaim Heating System For Freezers

In floor glycol heating system for freezers

EnviroSoft also provides in-floor heating system by reclaiming wasted refrigerant heat to insure long life of freezer floor for low temperature environmental rooms and freezers.

The heat reclaim system works both in selectable Auto and Manual mode and controls glycol pumps with refrigeration control system.
Walk-in Freezers & Coolers In-floor Glycol Heating System for freezers Large Walk-in Environmental Room With External
Beam Support
Walk-in freezer Glycol heating system for freezers Large walk-in environmental room