Environmental Room Control System
Environmental Room Control System

EnviroSmartâ„¢ Controllers
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Application And Research

Environmental Rooms Touch Screen System

HMI Touch Screen
Interface GUI Menu
System Easy Programming

Monitoring Enviromental Rooms via LAN

Remote Monitorin
Remot Access Via LAN*

Changing Environmental Industry Through Inovative Tchnology

EnviroSmart™ Engineered To Aid Your Research Studies

EnviroSoft designs, develops, and manufactures microprocessor based standard and custom PLC controllers for temperature and humidity controlled environmental facilities, such as Plasma Storage, Blood Banks, Vaccine Storage, Walk-in and Drive-in Coolers and Freezers, Wide Range Rooms with fully programmable temperature and humidity control.

Remote Access And Remote Monitoring With Security

EnviroSmart™ Temperature and Humidity controller comes in high visibility 6.5" color dispay, with GUI, Trending, History, Data logging Remote Access, Monitoring and capabilities. The Ethernet interface allows to communicate with PCs, Laptops, and Smart Phones of todays. EnviroSmart virtually Travels with you! 12 Programmable Users with 3 Access Levels, and Remote Alarming, sets EnviroSoft apart from others for controlled environmental industries.

Modular PLC control for temperature and humidity

Modular PLC Design

On Board 3 Analog Channels (expandable to 8) for Temperature, relative Humidity, and CO2, Solid State Relay, LED Indicators for Controls, Ethernet (LAN) and RS245 Interface...

environmental chambers Custom Software

Customized Software

Unique Algorithm Developed for Environmental Facilities, Energy Saver, Profile Cotnrol, Lead-Lag Control, Burn-in Chambers, RTC,
Programmable Ramp and Soak for temperature...


HMI Touch Screen

GUI Menu Driven Software,
User Friendly Help System,
Fully programmable from Local Panel or via Remote Acces,
Large Display For Controlled Variables, On Screen Alarm Mute, and more...

environmental rooms touch screen control